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Low-emission truck engines

NEW: First LNG vehicles in use in the IGS Group.

The IGS Group has been using two liquid-gas-operated (LNG) vehicles since 2018. Compared with similar diesel vehicles, this makes it possible to bring down fuel consumption by up to 15%. It also reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by up to 60% and soot particle emissions by up to 99% (manufacturer’s data).

The technical experts of the IGS Group are continually looking into options of using further environment-friendly power sources. This question also involves factors such as the availability of fuel stations and the suitability of vehicles for local and/or long-distance transport.

Most of the other vehicles used by IGS Intermodal in road pre-carriage and onward carriage comply with the EURO 6 standard. In particular, the Group uses vehicles of a modern design that have noise insulation and allow low-noise operation, and drivers continually receive awareness training in consumption optimisation.

State-of-the-art route optimisation.

The reliability of an entire transport chain is often decided by the first and the last mile. To ensure efficient route planning, the trucking organisers of the IGS Group use state-of-the-art scheduling and route planning software at the various sites. This allows not only the efficient use of vehicles, but it also provides planners with tracking and tracing tools and enables them to compare actual positions with current traffic situations, so that they can respond proactively to any delays that may occur. As a result, shipments are more reliable and indeed more environment-friendly.

“Reliable and environment-friendly – even for the first and last few miles.”

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